About Company

ALKHUYUT ALDHAHBIA for inspection and conformity company is an independent company founded in 2010 Sebha – Libya to provide inspection services in accordance and conformity with international rules adopted in this regard and are dealing contract as third party.

Our Team

The Company is keen to develop its network characteristics, and takes itself a growing number of effective working teams. We adopt in our work on the team consists of a group of skilled engineers and technical specialists. and all of his qualities: experience, enthusiasm and drive of self-Permanent, and make their first gear, the excellence and the leadership of the business market.

Our Vision

In line with the market prosperity in the Libya , ALKHUYUT ALDHAHBIA company seeking to provide better services to engage in the development of the concept and the role of inspection companies and contribute to the development of the economic movement in the Libya to achieve a qualitative leap in this area and its dealings, including through national cadres specialized in carrying out the tasks entrusted to the company, to maintain the continued growth without consideration of profitability and focusing on the quality of services that are a prelude to success. As a result of this development and privileged status, ALKHUYUT ALDHAHBIA  emerged as a specialized professional company provides professional services according to the highest specifications and standards the leadership in this field to be taking into the account the specificity of the Libyan society and culture.

Our Message

It is our desire to satisfy our customers by the quality service and accuracy of work and punctuality. we commit to continue at the level of outstanding service and distinguished career to confirm full compliance with the requirements of the customer, and to maintain our reputation as a leader company based on the high quality of service and the best total customer satisfaction.