Quality Policy


ALKHUYUT ALDHAHBIA for inspection and conformity Confirms as a specialist in the field of inspection services confirms the corresponding full commitment to provide high quality services meets the requirements and expectations of its customers through the various operations within an integrated management system work is based on the requirements of the International Standard .



To achieve company targets which related to the quality of services and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, top management has adopted the following rules and values as a key framework for all activities and development plans and objectives of the company


  • Customer satisfaction is one of the foundations of work and maintain the company's priorities.
  • The quality of services is essential to target all the processes in the company.
  • Integrity, excellence and full independence.
  • Commitment to professional and legal requirements and regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the quality management systems in accordance with international standards ISO-9001.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the inspection bodies in accordance with the international standards ISO-17020.
  • The effective application of the administrative systems in place and support the principles of continuous improvement through appropriate administrative tools.
  • Optimal use of available capacity and the development of the skills and abilities of workers through training and development.